Legal Disclaimer:

Family Congo is a Christian mutual support membership community for self-development, spirituality, and finances. "Grow your money in Christianity" is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Every effort has been made for you to grow your money in the community. Every step you make will open up two streams of income: A cash bonus performance of $1000 (get as you grow) and a regular cash reward up to $100 that you can withdraw immediately from your Papal account. Your success will largely depend on your faith in God and how you share this positive energy in your community and the world. Family Congo will not make you a millionaire but will provide you with the necessary funds and confidence to pay for your daily life or invest in your dreams. If you are not satisfied after a year, you will get a full refund of your contribution. No questions asked. "Grow your money in Christianity" is part of the Family Congo community. As a pro-member, you get a lifetime FREE participation in the Community, Video conference and Marketplace. You can opt out and request a full refund of your contribution anytime within one year. The lifetime membership contribution is only $53. Family Congo is ONLY for those who believe that God can make them financially independent.
As you know, we have to protect your data on a high-security hosting that requires the contribution of everyone. For that, we suggest a donation of $17 /per year. Of course, it is not mandatory, but you must secure your data. It is crucial to be safe online.